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Location :  10341 Yonge St, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3C1

Local:         (905) 737 GOLD (4653)

Toll Free:   (1855) 465 3771

Email Us:   CLICK HERE

From Monday to Saturday
9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

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28 thoughts on “Contact Us”

    1. I have a 1937 Ladies Wristwatch with safety chain. 9ct. gold. full working order. Rectangular silvered dial with gilt Arabic numerals, blue steel hands. 15 jewel movement, rectangular case with snap on back, Glasgow import marks for 1937, 22mm x 12mm. Is it worth my showing it to you?


      1. To be honest, it is most likely not worth much more than it’s gold value because gold is so high right now, but we would certainly be willing to look at it and give you our opinion and price.

  1. I have silver plate articles, trays etc. and because of their age, all are on copper. I have been told that if it is on copper, it is more valuable than the modern and cheaper items which are on steel or a metal of some sort. Will you please confirm for me whether or not this is true, and if it’s worth showing my articles to you.

  2. I have some old china. Could I send you pictures of it and let me know what’s it worth and do you want to buy it.
    Please forward me your email address.

  3. Hello I just left a voicemail, was hoping to book a visit in zephyr…I spoke with Paul on March 1st and discussed, now we are ready to show your company the estate, where you may either declare your interest or not. Please call me at 13064717167.

  4. Hello. I have some Northunbia Sterling Silver ( Cello Design) and Coalport Bone China (Marilyn pattern). I am interested in what it is worth and if you are interested in buying. Thanks.

    1. We are definitely interested in buying the flatware, however it is only for it’s silver weight. Pricing would depend on the price of silver that day. The Coalport, you would want to talk to Paul about for the best options.
      Thank you

  5. I have a dinner set of Royal Dalton, Golden Maize pattern,
    a few pieces of Royal Doulton, Clovelly pattern and an 5 piece set for 8 and some serving pieces of 1847 rogers silver plate, Flair pattern. Plus I have many other pieces that you might be interested in. We live in Oakville and cannot drive to your shop
    is it possible for you to come to our house.
    I also have a tea pot, sugar and cream of Noritake pattern that is well over 100 years old, however the teapot spout is chipped.
    Would there be any interest in these items.

  6. I have my grandmother’s collection of 28 Royal Doulton character figurines dating from 1948 to 1978. They are in perfect condition, but the time to part with them has come.
    I have all of the HN numbers and would attach them if I could.

    I have other treasures including sterling silver cutlery.

  7. Would you have any interest in old ticket stubs. Have some from the 60’s, Beatles. Stones, Dylan at MLG. Also sporting stubs same era Chuvalo vs. Ali, Terrell.
    A few items from the late fifties for the Ottawa Roughriders, pennant/pins/mug.
    Finally a program from The Stratford Shakespearean Festival 1959 autographed by Johnny Wayne.

  8. I have been trying to contact you since my husband died August 20, 2019. You told me by phone that you had sold my gold bracelet for a really good price (your son in law had weighed it and said that it was worth over $1,600). My husband gave it to me and I had to sell to pay for people to help me look after him. You said you would be at my place August 22 or 23. You didn’t show up nor have I been able after many voice mails and a call into the Sunday radio show to get in touch with you. You also have many other things worth a lot of money of mine. As I told you on the last voice message on Monday, September 30 I am going to the police tomorrow Friday if you don’t settle this before then. This is disgusting and it won’t end there.

    1. Jeanne, can you please send me your number and address? I will send you a cheque for the bracelet, and any items that are on consignment that I’m able to pay out for. A couple of the Delft items have sold, but I need to make sure the clients are keeping them before we pay out the consignor on them.
      Thank you

  9. Hi Michael,

    I’m looking to make a purchase on several items and have them shipped to NYC. Is that possible? It’s not allowing me to input credit information. Thank you!

    1. Yes it certainly is. We are in the process of fixing the website, which is why you cannot make a purchase at this time from it. I can invoice you via PayPal however, and we can absolutely combine shipping costs.

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